Airboat Rides Preparation Tips

Preparing for your airboat ride

Preparing for your boat ride is an essential part of your experience. You will want to take the necessary items and wear the appropriate clothing for the occasion. It is nothing too complicated, mainly just a few fundamental essentials to ensure you make the most out of your trip. Everglades tours Deerfield beach airboat rides are the best way to discover the wildlife in Florida, and as such, you will need to have the right apparel, something comfortable, and practical. It is then the matter of bringing a few items to face the Florida climate and accompany you along your journey.


Airboat Rides Clothing: Practical & Comfortable

You will want to take the right clothing for the trip, and that will depend on the season. Summers are hot, so shorts, t-shirts, or maybe even a blouse will work well during the summer. For your shoes, sneakers or sandals are ideal, though flip-flops will do just fine. The fall season might require you to take long sleeves and maybe even some jeans. For the winter season, we do recommend you take jeans, long sleeves, and sneakers. 


Take a Poncho/windbreaker.

Consider bringing a windbreaker if the weather is colder. A poncho is also a smart choice across all seasons, as Florida’s climate can be on the sticky side. The idea is to take simple clothes. You don’t need expensive clothes or jewelry with you; instead, focus on the practical aspects.


Sunglasses for your eyes

Florida’s sun can sometimes keep your eyes from seeing what you want. We advise you to take polarized sunglasses, to make sure you’re not blinded by the sun. Not only do sunglasses give you better visibility, but they are also kinder to your eyes. Keep your eyes safe, keep them covered.


Don’t forget your Camera/binocular.

Airboat rides are all about witnessing the wildlife for yourself, and you will want to make the most of the opportunity to catch up on the animal life and the beautiful nature of the Florida Everglades. We advise you to take your camera so you may take as many pictures as you can. Make memories from your trip for yourselves, and to show your friends. For the keener observers, binoculars will allow you to spot animals in the distance, widening your field of view of the local animal kingdom and other significant aspects of Florida’s nature.


Sunscreen is right for you.

Florida is known for its heat and its magnificent sun, and as a result, you will want to keep your skin protected from any burns. Sunscreen is essential to allow you to not worry about getting sunburns. You will have a better day, but also a safer one. Never regret spending time in the sun, and always take your sunscreen with you. Have the best experience of the Florida weather, without the opposing sides.


Bug spray is your savior

The Everglades are full of animal life, and that includes our little buggy friends. Be kind to yourself and bring your bug spray along; you won’t regret it. No one likes to get bitten, and just a bit of that spray will keep you mostly safe from insect bites. You won’t regret bringing bug spray with you, and it will be handy to use across Florida.


Airboat rides are best with water & food.

It might sound like an obvious one, but spending any time in the Florida weather is prone to make you thirsty. Our boats come equipped with a cooler and some bottled water.  We won’t let thirst spoil your fun. Feel free to take a bottle or a flask of your favorite soda. Liquids will help tremendously throughout your airboat trip. Stay on top of that heat, and stay hydrated! You can also take a little something to eat with you, a little snack of sorts to keep that energy going.


Those points sum up what you will need to take with you on your airboat ride. Feel free to ask Captain Wayne Jr any other questions you may have about preparing for your ride, but those are the essential ways to prepare yourself. The main idea is to be practical and comfortable for spending some time in Florida’s wildlife. As you can see, it is not a lot, just enough basics to make sure you have the best time, while also staying safe and ready. Be prepared and enjoy the best first-hand experience of the Everglades’ nature.