Meet Your Captain

Captain Wayne Gilbert, a lifelong resident of South Florida, Grew up in the Everglades’ heart. He has been operating airboats since his childhood. He operates Airboat Tours Deerfield Beach since the age of 19 when buying his first airboat. Wayne is a certified United States Coast Guard Captain with over 30 years of experience doing everglades airboat rides, turning his passion for the Everglades to the airboat tour industry. Meeting new people and sharing his knowledge of the Everglades every day. Now with multiple airboats, it has become the family business. We are one of the Original airboat ride companies in Deerfield Beach Florida. All of our captains hold the United States Coast Guard Certificate and are State certified airboat operators.

Wayne believes that the best part of his job is being in the Everglades every day with customers. If you are in Deerfield Beach or the surrounding areas, book an airboat ride in the Florida Everglades. Captain Wayne has more hours on the water doing private Deerfield Beach airboat rides than any other Captain existing today. He is one of the original private airboat rides captains in the south Florida area.

With Captain Wayne, you’re in the safe hands of a passionate professional. You will discover the true Everglades, going to all the best spots. Why limit yourself to amateurs when you can get the real deal from an experienced boatsman. In brief, airboat tours Deerfield Beach are the best way to experience Florida’s wildlife.

Learn about the ecosystem, the birds, and the history of the old Florida Everglades with Captain Wayne today! Find out about our Airboat Rates, pick the ride that works best for you. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime. Why wait any longer, Book a ride that you will remember, and that truly embraces what Florida has to offer.