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Deerfield Everglades Tours – Meet the Animals

Deerfield Everglades tours will take you on a fun high-speed and all-thrills airboat ride. You will discover the Everglades up close and personal, and of course, you will face many potential animal encounters. It is no secret that a lot of you will be there to encounter alligators in their natural environment. The great thing is that there are many more animals to see. We always aim to provide you with the best possible chance of seeing the fantastic creatures that inhabit the Everglades. Here is a list of the kinds of species you can see on Deerfield Everglades tours.


The American alligator and crocodile

The Everglades is often associated with alligators, and for good reasons. American alligators are animals that most visitors on Deerfield Everglades tours seek to see. You will not find many locations like the Everglades, where alligators move freely and act naturally. These enormous reptiles are jaw-dropping, and seeing one with your own eyes is a sight to behold. Fortunately for you, our captain is aware of their habits and routines and will try to put you in their vicinity.

The American crocodile is another impressive reptile of the Everglades. The majority of people are unaware of the distinction between alligators and crocodiles. If you observe crocodiles, you will see they have a v-shaped snout, while alligators have a u-shaped snout. Most crocodiles have a light gray-brown color, whereas alligators are darker, so it’s not just the nose you need to observe. Although they have similar appearances, knowing those differences will allow you to distinguish them. Not to worry, your captain will inform you which is which, we promise.


Deerfield Everglades tours mammal encounters

The Everglades isn’t just about giant reptiles. Those who enjoy cuter animals will be happy to see that the Everglades also shelter some fantastic mammals. Did you know that the West Indian manatee is a mammal? You can find this vast and cute fellow in shallow, slow-moving rivers and river estuaries. They can be hard to spot, but we will certainly point them out if they are around. 

Let’s not forget about the North American river otter and our big-eared marsh rabbits. Those cute and smaller mammals can be hard to spot due to their size, but again, if your captain sees them, he will point them out to you. Other mammals, such as the Florida panther, the white-tailed deer, and the Florida black bear, can be hard to spot during Deerfield Everglades tours as they often live further upland.


Deerfield Everglades tours bird encounters

Beyond reptiles and mammals, there are also an incredible variety of birds to discover. Bird lovers will be happy to know that the Everglades National Park is home to more than 350 bird species. The most famous and well-known bird of the Everglades is the rare and beautiful pink roseate spoonbill. The roseate spoonbill gets its name from its pink color and uniquely spoon-shaped beak. Many bird watchers wish to add this bird to their photo collection, so if that is you, let us know ahead of time. We can take you to the places where you are most likely to encounter such a unique feathered friend.

There are many animals in the Everglades, from reptiles to mammals, birds to insects, and many more. Deerfield Everglades tours are all about having fun and discovering some incredible wildlife. You are always free to contact us in advance if you are interested in spotting specific animals, and we will do our best to accommodate you. We look forward to taking you on our Everglades airboat tours.

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