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Deerfield airboat tours safety

Deerfield Airboat Tours – Safety is Essential

So you’re feeling adventurous but still hesitating to take a bite. You’ve been looking at Deerfield airboat tours for a while now. However, you’re still unsure if airboat tours are safe for you. It is understandable. After all, the idea of cruising on an airboat at high speeds in the Everglades close to alligators is no small feat. Most people will express some concerns about their safety during our airboat rides. We are here to tell you that your safety is essential and the most crucial aspect for us, and we take it very seriously.


A qualified and certified captain

You should first know that Captain Wayne is a USCG-certified coast guard. You can rest assured that your captain is experienced and qualified to take you on a ride. Deerfield airboat tours aren’t just those made by inexperienced locals looking to make some easy money. Captain Wayne knows what he is doing and how to look after you should anything arise.

The other great thing is that your captain is a native of the Everglades. Wayne knows the Everglades like the back of his hand. He knows where to find the spots where all the animals congregate and when the weather is safe. If the weather gets too rough, he will only risk taking you out there if it is safe. You are in great hands with a captain who knows how to make you have a good time while putting your safety at the forefront.


We always prepare our Deerfield airboat tours

We just want to assure you that we always prepare our airboats before taking you to the Everglades. Airboat safety is another essential aspect that we never skimp. Before the ride begins, we will always check our airboats for potential leaks and cracks. We also always verify that our engines are in perfect condition, with a full reservoir. You can be safe knowing we will never run out of gas in the middle of the Everglades.

Preparation also comes with ensuring you have all the suitable clothing and are ready for your adventure. We’ve put together a little list of items you should take during Deerfield airboat tours. Please read this list carefully to be prepared and comfortable during your airboat ride. The main idea is that you should be dressed comfortably in practical clothes. You will also want to take sunglasses, sunscreen, and other essentials. Our boats come equipped with a cooler that has bottled water if you ever forget to bring your favorite drink.


We are cautious with the wildlife

Naturally, we are excited to get you to encounter alligators and other incredible creatures of the Everglades potentially. However, we will never compromise your safety to bring you too close for comfort. Our captain knows how to take the correct distances and not bother or aggravate those animals. Deerfield airboat tours are all about respecting nature and being as eco-friendly as possible. 

The best thing about airboats is that we can leave faster than any creature could ever run. Also, airboats fly above the water’s surface. You won’t get stuck because an alligator decides to stay in the way. You will fly over them and leave them to do their thing. This lack of intruding into animals’ lives adds an extra layer of safety, and being in an airboat makes it that much safer.

Feel free to contact us and ask any questions about your safety, especially if you have any health issues or physical pre-dispositions. We will happily talk to you and stay objective to tell you if Everglades airboat tours are safe for you. We look forwards to being in touch and making you discover the Everglades.

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