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Why airboats are perfect for Florida Everglades tours

Florida Everglades tours arouse people’s curiosity for two reasons: the first one is, of course, the Everglades itself. This sizeable natural reserve is home to many wonders, from unique and fascinating creatures to amazingly beautiful swamplands and marshes. It is the main feature of all our airboat tours, and we are passionate about showing it to you. The second reason people are interested in our airboat tours is simply the airboat itself. Who wouldn’t be curious about a boat flying over the water at high speeds with a giant propeller at the back? Let’s take a look at airboats and why they are so awesome!


Airboats are the ideal eco-vehicle for Florida Everglades tours

You might be wondering why we use airboats on our tours. Why not just use a traditional boat? Do we need that giant propeller? The short answer is: yes, we need it, and airboats are simply the best way to go around the Everglades. While traditional boats can have issues traveling through all the plants and nature in swamplands, airboats make it a breeze. The airboat glides above the water level. It allows us to navigate quickly, and it also means we don’t interfere with the plants and wildlife. 


Traditional boats with underwater motors can have a detrimental effect on plant life. Their motor can slice through plants and even wound some of the animals. Airboats do no such thing. We have minimal impact on the ecosystem. We can even fly over some of the animals, letting them get along with their day uninterrupted. So there you have it. Airboats are not only the best way to navigate the Everglades efficiently, but they are also very eco-friendly!


Airboats are fast, fun, and safe

It is more of a side effect, but it is also why we love airboats ourselves. Cruising around at high speeds is simply a great thing. There is a thrill associated with it, but also a feeling of freedom. Going fast and being very mobile makes you feel like you’re in control. Not only that, but the speed makes the whole ride entertaining. You can compare the process to a thrill ride in an amusement park. It gets your heart racing and brings in a bit of that adrenaline. Traditional boats can be a little boring, but airboats are the polar opposite. 


Another excellent aspect is the fact that you are safer on an airboat. Our airboats will not get their engines stuck in underwater plants. As we said before, they are eco-friendly but also efficient. We don’t stay stuck in the wild, and we always make it back to the ramp. Also, the lack of sway vs. traditional boats means you can move your body with fear of capsizing the boat itself. Airboats have a flat bottom, and they remain very stable. It is all smooth and straight sailing. Last but not least, being fast means we can quickly go away if an alligator gets too close for comfort!


No sea-sickness

The way an airboat operates means they don’t sway, unlike regular boats. One of the best consequences of this is that people don’t feel sea-sick on an airboat. For a lot of people, sea-sickness is a deal-breaker. We often have people asking us about this, and we are happy to set your mind at peace. Airboat rides will not make you seasick. It means you can enjoy your ride, and it will never get spoiled by that queasy feeling. You will be able to appreciate the nature around you and enjoy a sensation of well-being.


Those are just the main positive aspects of airboats. We love using them ourselves all the time. We are all Florida natives, and the Everglades is our passion. Nothing beats the experience of an airboat ride, and we know they are perfect for Florida Everglades tours. Book your ride today, we look forward to bringing you on board!

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